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  1. About us


    Moshkoff Studios is a family-run business dedicated to the art of decorative ceramic tile. We are known for our artistry in handmade art tiles that incorporate both traditional and contemporary designs.

    Using authentic pre-industrial techniques, Moshkoff Studios continues the tradition of producing both original designs and also reproductions for use within a broad range of projects. We manufacture a full line of ceramic tile: glazed and unglazed tiles in a variety of sizes and shapes, both off-the-shelf and custom-designed. Our tiles are intended for indoor or outdoor use including walls, floors, kitchens, baths, fireplaces, and stairs.

    At Moshkoff Studios, we work only with carefully selected, high-fire clays and glazes to ensure superior quality and durability. We employ only traditional, preindustrial techniques, which we feel are best suited for bringing out the quality of our materials and showcasing the craftsmanship of our artists. Our production techniques include such methods as: cuenca, cuerda seca, slip-trailing, encaustic, carving, and mosaics. Each tile we produce bears an embossed mark of authenticity, confirming that it was made and glazed by hand in our workshops.

    Moshkoff Studios is a member of the International Federation of Artists and USA Tile Heritage Foundation.

  2. Catalog - handmade tile collection

    Full Catalog of handmade tile made in Moshkoff Studios.

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  3. Mosaics and murals


    Panels and mosaics can provide a stunning addition to an interior space. They may be used as a fully independent piece to accent a bare wall or they can be integrated as part of a larger project. Their location is versatile. They can be placed on a wall as well as a floor.

    look here Mosaics and Murals

  4. Custom Orders


    We welcome the opportunity to consider custom projects. We have worked interactively with designers and architects on previous projects and enjoy the challenge and creative possibilities that such interactive experiences can offer. Please feel free to present any custom work proposals for our consideration.

    We have 2 studio and production facilities available to us, located in both the United States as well as Russia. We utilize each one according to the current locational demand. If it is required for us to travel to a specific region (within either Russia or the United States) to accommodate the project, we are willing to consider this in accordance with the specific project demands.

  5. Palette and Orders

    Variations of hue, tone and surface quality are intrinsic to the beauty of our handmade tiles. Please be aware that real colors may appear different from what you see on your screen display. To avoid mistakes in this regard, we require customers to approve a glaze sample before we proceed with making your tile.

    Our tiles are intended for use on fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, and wet applications like bathrooms and floors. Be sure to check the usage for each collection before ordering. Our tiles will not be damaged by heat or frost.  All of them are high-fired which ensures maximum durability.

    Your installation tile will be made-to-order. As the name implies, made-to-order tile is only produced when an order has actually been placed. Our lead time is typically 4 - 8 weeks. For orders of over 100 sq. ft. or for orders requiring custom pieces, lead times may be longer.
    It is highly suggested to order an additional 5–10% more tile than is specified for your project. This overage helps ensure that enough tile is on hand in case any tiles are broken during installation.

    Returns are not accepted on made-to-order tile.

    We are passionate about creating durable and beautiful ceramic tiles that endure generations of use and ever-changing trends.

    For an additional charge, our tiles can be covered with a unique seal called “Ganosis” upon your request. Ganosis is a special mixture of natural wax and oils which was originally utilized by the Ancient Greeks to preserve their sculptures and treasured art for centuries. It helps the colors to stay vibrant and protects the tile surfaces from dirt.

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